Social Media

Social Media Management

The Social Media Management Package provides a tailored Social Media strategy which includes creation and boosting of compelling social media posts.

Along with Social Media Marketing combined you will reach your customers. Go where your customers are they are on Social Media.

The Importance of Social Media Marketing for SMEs

Having a social media strategy is especially important for small to medium businesses. Facebook posts and tweets are like virtual flyers, or the online equivalent of newspaper ads, and they build brand awareness and help your SME form a brand identity.

Search engines know which websites are earning traffic and which ones are simply floating out there as well. An SEO strategy can earn you top search engine spots, but driving traffic to your page using social media will make your SERPs rankings to climb much faster.

Go Social with 2xROI

Through a calculated mix of branded content and paid advertising, we use social media’s granularity to create targeted messaging that feels like a conversation among friends. Our strategies span from basic “get in the game” to more strategic social media intelligence.

We select the right platform for your business and help you identify the right social media goals. Each social media platform requires a different strategy to serve their target markets, which is why we thoroughly analyze your audience and chosen platform, and customize your brand messaging accordingly.

We then create a dynamic social plan that attracts the right visitors from the chosen demographic. We create and publish great content and develop tent-pole campaigns to drive buzz, maximizing paid ads, get people talking, and build your network.